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301 Redirect for All Domains So you've purchased a ton of domains to park on your main account, but you don't want Google to... 301 Redirect from non-www to ww -- Without Looping! So - you want to improve your search engine rankings, and SEO gurus told you that Google might be... Add IonCube to a custom php.ini (PHP 5.3+) IonCube is installed by default on the servers, however if you require adding custom settings... Block a country using mod_geoip Do you have a list of countries that you want to block access to your site? Have you tried adding... Force folder to redirect to https mode Sometimes webmasters need to force particular folders to load in HTTPS mode. This is ideal for... Hotlink protecting image.php and GD images So you've enabled cpanel's hotlink protection, but those bandwidth theives are still attacking... How do I change my PHP version? NOTE: If you wish to change the PHP version on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated... How do I redirect a page or folder? I have removed a file from being on the website and would like to forward people who were looking... How to add Expires Headers for caching files We've had many users asking about compressing their website using mod_gzip or mod_deflate and... How to block an IP number A user is accessing our website and we'd like to block this user as they continue to submit fraud... Redirect all visitors except from IP number specified From time to time it's necessary to block access to people from various parts of the website....
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