How do I change my PHP version?

NOTE: If you wish to change the PHP version on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server, you would need to recompile PHP or purchase the 1H Hive software for your VPS/Dedicated.

You can easily change your active PHP version from within your cPanel using the PHP Version Manager (located in the "1H Software" section).  You can set the PHP version for your entire website, or just a particular folder if you wish.  You can even have different PHP versions assigned to multiple areas of your site.  Here's  how you'd set that up: 

1) Log into your cpanel account:

2) Click on PHP Version Manager:

3) Within the PHP Version Manager, you will see a listing of all of the folders in your account. You may browse to the appropriate directory by clicking on the folder icon next to the directory name: 

4) When you see the directory you wish to change, click on the directory name:

  • If you wish to set the PHP version for your entire website, click on the "public_html" folder
  • If you wish to set the PHP version for a particular folder within your site, click on the folder name

5) Select the php version you wish to use, then click to save the changes: 

6) Click to return to the PHP Version Manager:

7) Verify that the php version is correct: 

IMPORTANT: After setting your desired PHP version, check the folder list and make sure that the version is listed in parenthesis next to the folder name.  If it isn't, there was a problem setting the version in your configuration file.  In this case please contact our support for assistance.
Also note that you should choose a PHP version that is compatible with the software you are running.  Using the incorrect PHP version for your website could result in broken functionality.  Using an older PHP version can also cause you to fail PCI compliance scans.
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