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How can I manage dns my dns records if I don't host with you? Print

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If your domain is registered with us, but your site is hosted elsewhere, you may modify your individual DNS records from within billing.  

Here's how:

1. Log into your client area: https://www.mylighthost.com/portal/clientarea.php  using your billing email address and password:

2) Click on the "Domains" tab at the top, then click on the "My Domains" drop-down option:

3) Scroll down just a bit, and you'll see a list of your domains.  Click on "Manage Domain" next to the appropriate domain. 

4) Click on the "Addons" Tab at the top, then click on the "DNS Host Record Management" option:

5) Click to "Buy Now":

6) The system will generate a $0.00 invoice for you.  At the bottom, click to return to the client area: 

7) From the domain's management area (repeat steps 2 & 3 if needed): 
--- a) Click on the "Nameservers" tab
--- b) Click on "Use custom Nameservers"
--- c) Modify the nameservers as follows then click to save the changes: 


8) Click on the "Management Tools" tab at the top, then click on the "Manage DNS" drop-down option:

9) Modify the DNS records as desired, then click to save the changes:

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