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You can login to your shared and reseller hosting account using ssh.
But you must use ssh key to login.
Please follow the method below to do it:

Login  the cPanel and choose SSH from security section.

SSH Selection cPanel

Then select button Manage SSH key
Manage SSH key
And then select Generate New key
Generate key button
Now fill the form with a strong password. you can take help of password generator.
Key generation with passkey

Now press >> go back  >> and authorize the key by click >> Manage
authorize button

and then authorized the key and go back then Download the key.
You have completed the important server-side task by now.
If you using windows then you need putty download it from here http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

Open putty gen, and click the Load button. and choose the id_rsa key you downloaded.
Private key files

Now it may ask for Passphrase. Put the strong password you choose on the previous step.
Press OK if any popup open.

Now click the Save private key button to download your private key file.

Finally, it's time to check ssh login 
Open Putty, under Connection, click SSH, then Auth.

Putty auth

For the hostname: use your domain name, or server name or shared IP.
And open ticket with us for you ssh port.

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