How do I restore a Home Directory backup created with CPanel? Print

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If you've previously downloaded a backup copy of your website through your CPanel Control Panel, restoring your site is a simple process.

Login to your cPanel Control Panel and choose "Backup" from the system menu. Once inside the Backup menu, you'll be prompted to perform four separate types of backup restorations, including "Full Backup", "Restore a Home Backup", "Restore an SQL Database" and "Restore an Alias/Filter Backup". Choose the type of backup you wish to restore, click the "Browse" button next to your backup option, and direct your hosting account server to the file on your computer which you'd like to restore.
After the file has been located, click the "Upload" button and your hosting account will begin to restore your backup automatically for you.

Note: A "Full backup" can only be used for moving your account to another server or keeping a local copy of your account. "Full backup" can only be restored by itself. If you have a "Full Backup" instead of a "Home Directory" backup and need to be restored, please contact the technical department including the folder or url that you placed the "Full Backup"

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