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Contact Addresses on File With Your Account

When you sign up for a hosting account with MylightHost, you will input an email address, which will become associated as the contact email address on file with your account. There are three areas of communication that this email address will be used for, which can be updated on the Manage Contact Addresses page of your control panel.

  • Administrative Contact Address - used for delivering important notices about the status of your account. These notices include service announcements and maintenance notices.
  • Billing Contact Address - used for delivering billing related notices. These notices include receipts, past due notifications, and other financial information.
  • Technical Contact Address - used for delivering notices detailing site statistics, domain status (expiration, upcoming renewals, etc.), and other application specific information.

Additionally, there is a text field to enter your "External Contact Address" in the event that the email on file designated as the Administrative, Billing, or Technical Contact Address is not functioning at the moment or is not up to date. Please use a different email address than the address(es) on file as the Administrative, Billing, or Technical Contact Address.

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