Updated on jun30, 10:40 AM

The migration process has been completed. Your website might show database connection errors.

To resolve this please update the database hostname on your website configuration file as db02.noc24online.net.

For help please contact us on live chat.

Updated on Jun 30, 09:10 AM

80% of the account has been successfully migrated.

You may see the "Database Connection Error" message as we have migrated to a new remote database service.

It requires you to update your database configuration on the PHP file.

Your New database hostname is: db02.noc24online.net

Updated on Jun 29, 11:25 PM

Schedule migration has been started. Everybody is requested not to update the website until further notice.

Updated onĀ June 29, 2020, 8:32 AM

We have scheduled a server migration today (Jun 29, 2020) around 11 PM.

Our current server has more CPU, RAM and Network Speed. and the important feature that will benefit you is clustering the remote MySQL server.

MyLightHost is the only company who are implementing this technology on shared hosting service in our country. As of existing clients, you are availing this feature free of charge.

But You now have to use database hostname as " db02.noc24online.net " instead of " localhost "

Please see instruction here

We will provide you the new technical information once the migration completed.

You will be kept updated on this page

Monday, June 29, 2020

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